top: equipment | skirt: topshop | shoes: jcrew | bracelets: hermes

I love outfits that just come together so easily; this look was one of those. I love when everything just immediately comes together, and you don't feel like you have wasted a ton of time getting ready. Sometimes, when I spend too much time looking in my closet or trying things on, my mind almost becomes numb to what looks "cute"... anyone relate? I love those outfits that take nearly no time at all to pick out and that you still feel confident in.

When I am picking out what to wear, I almost always choose a "theme" for the outfit. I think it adds a little bit of fun to the process and allows me to still see picking out outfits as playing "dress up"! Maybe this contributes to why at age 19 I still love to "dress up" as much as I did at age 3. For this look, I would say my "theme" was black and white with pops of neon. I love creating a blank slate with the clothes that then leads to endless options for accessories! I also love adding color through my accessories. These neon/ coral espadrilles and the turquoise necklace add a little bit of interest and whimsy to an otherwise simple black and white look!