Campus Style No. 1

I am so excited to bring a new series to LCB Style! I have been brainstorming for a while and thinking of ways to share the style of others through this medium. One of the greatest joys of being a part of the “blogging world” has been the doors it has opened to people I may have never met or places I would have never known about. I want to share some of these people and places with all of you! I finally narrowed down my ideas and decided to start a series called “Campus Style” where I plan to highlight the style of other college age girls that share my love for fashion and style. 

To kick off this series, I am so happy to get to share the style of lifestyle blogger Ansley Eudy, the voice behind as well as Seaside Crew Life. Ansley has such a clear and captivating voice, and I admire her passion for Christ! Her words are so inspiring! {This post in particular really hit home with me... check it out!} Also, scroll down to see a short Q & A I did with Ansley!

Name: Ansley Eudy

College: University of North Georgia

Major: Business Marketing


What is your dream job?

Interior Designer and owner of my own Interior Design firm! 

What is your favorite thing about your college?

 I actually grew up in the same town of my college, which makes for a super fun experience! The campus is beautiful, the people are so genuine and kind and the professors are personable and (for the very most part) super kind! The campus is safe and our small, college town charm is so sweet.

Who and/or what inspires your style?

Ah! I love following other's style and gaining inspiration from them. Some of my favorite fashion bloggers to follow are Olivia Palermo, Marianna Hewitt, Amber Fillerup-Clark, Lauren Scruggs, Lunchpails and Lipstick, SomethingNavy, TheStyleEmma and so many more! One of my favorite things is my Instagram newsfeed. I follow so many bloggers and fashion/beauty accounts so I am constantly soaking up inspiration from others! I love classic and timeless. I'm not huge on patterns, and I definitely like more of a chic look. Nude hues are my favorite!

What would your perfect weekend look like?

 Starting with Friday, I would love to get my hair and nails done! I love a sweet salon trip to make me feel like a million dollars! Dinner with friends on Friday would be the perfect start to a fun weekend. Saturday, breakfast and coffee at the Dessertery on the square, followed by a full body massage at the St. Regis and then a day full of shopping and dinner at Maggianos would be a total dream. Sunday: Time with believers celebrating the Lord, a long Sunday nap and a day full of cleaning/rest. That would be my perfect (dream) weekend! (Or maybe even a weekend road trip to the beach would be a dream) (Totally would be)