BEST DRESSED: Grammy Awards 2015

Round 3 of the BEST DRESSED series is here. Last night, the Grammy's Red Carpet did not disappoint. As with the other awards shows, there were not a ton of looks that stood out, but the three that did were amazing! 

Ariana Grande in Versace

White has been so popular on the red carpet this year, and this was a great choice for Ariana. The fit of the dress is so great, and I love the pop of sparkle. Sometimes women choose dresses that are too young or too old for them, but this one is just perfect! The only thing I may have done different is remove the choker necklace and add a bracelet!

Beyonce in Proenza Schouler

Bey cannot do much wrong. One of my favorite artists wearing one of my favorite designers. It does not get much better than this! The fabric and texture of this dress is so delicate yet dramatic; amazing! It accentuates her in all the right places, and I really like the long sleeve look on her. And bonus: I really love the way her hair is styled!

Taylor Swift in Elie Saab 

Speechless. I think instagram was overloaded with pictures of Taylor's dress as soon as she stepped foot on the red carpet, and she totally deserved it. From her hair to makeup to the earrings to the dress ... such a great look! The only thing I slightly questioned was the shoe choice... I love those shoes, but personally I thought they made the whole look seem a little mermaid-ish. I think I would have chosen something a little sleeker. But, she is Taylor Swift and totally pulled them off. I also I loved the way you could immediately find her in the sea of black when the camera panned the audience. A+ Taylor! 

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