If I Was Olivia Pope...

I think I am definitely late to the game, but I am totally hooked on Scandal right now (thanks to my sister!). The intense scheming, the rising tensions, the captivating romance, and of course, the amazing fashion (particularly of the main character and high power lawyer, Olivia Pope)have quickly made this show one of my favorites. If you are not already hooked on it, I highly suggest tuning in tonight at 8 on abc! 

For the purposes of this post, I'm going to assume that you are all as addicted to this show as I am :) I recently read this article that features an interview with Olivia's costume designer. It is so cool to think about all that goes on behind the scenes to create the wardrobe of such a powerful, yet elegant character. SO MUCH thought and work goes into all her outfits. From color analysis to the actual construction of the garments, not a single detail is overlooked. And I must say, her costume designer does an AMAZING job, because I have been swooning over all of Olivia's fashion choices. 

The two things that always complete Olivia's look are her power heels and chic handbag. Accessories can totally change an outfit, and Olivia uses this to her advantage. My favorites are her gray Prada bag and her large black Goyard St. Louis tote... both are beautiful! Another item that Olivia is usually wearing is a statement coat, like this one or this one, or a gorgeous wrap coat, like this one or this one

An outfit channelling Olivia's look...

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