Destination Style Spotlight: Paris

Parisian style is 

simple, yet ornate

colorless, yet vibrant

traditional, yet modern

casual, yet elegant. 

I admire this style so much. Parisian women know how to perfectly pair classic, traditional pieces in a modern way. They always look so effortless but glamorous at the same time. One of my favorite Parisian looks is pairing a beautiful, full, midi length, pleated silk skirt with a really basic cotton top. Something about that look is just so simple but fabulous. What I also love about Parisian style as compared to American style is the absence of labels. I love not seeing designer labels stamped all over their clothes and accessories. Everything is much more minimal and understated. To me, that is elegance. 

Over the break, I have enjoyed reading How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are. It is such a great read, and I definitely recommend picking it up if you have not already!