5 Budget Friendly Planners

A few weeks ago I set out to find the perfect planner for 2019 (I am so terribly picky when it comes to paper planners), and I ended up at Target purchasing one from the Day Designer X Target collection. This is my first time to purchase a Day Designer planner, and I am pretty sure I have been totally missing out the past few years.

What I love most about the Day Designer planners is that they have space for a “To-Do List” and a daily schedule. I am a chronic list maker, and I love that I can make a mile long list of things I need to do then schedule everything into my day all on the same page. It has been extremely helpful in making my work days as productive as possible. Big fan!

The exact planner I purchased is sold out online, but it is most similar to this one (the columns in mine are spaced a little differently and has the plastic cover).

I have rounded up 5 pretty & useful planners all under $30 above. Take a look!